Discussions with Tony Craig: Executive Producer “Lilo & Stitch: The Series” and “Stitch & Ai!”

This is a compilation of various message strings between myself and Tony Craig via Facebook. These messages have been trimmed for clarity, but none of the original words or thoughts of Mr. Craig have been altered. 

JC: I really appreciated your acknowledgement of Lilo not being a major presence in “Stitch & Ai.” A lot of fans may disagree, but I totally agree with your reasonings.
If “Stitch & Ai” ever DID bring back Lilo, would she be an adult or her original design? Or would it just depend on what the story needs?

TC: I guess it would depend.

JC: Is Stitch’s red eyes/eight limbs/giant form his “true” destructive form, as Jumba initially designed it? Or did something happen that altered his body chemistry?

TC: Jumba hid the code that turns Stitch into that monster deep within Stitch. It’s what he was supposed to turn into when he found a large city to destroy, but his love from Lilo and now from Ai suppressed it so deeply, it was unknown if it could be reactivated beyond the point of no return. Jumba had kept this secret from everyone, even Stitch. There were never any large towns on Kauai, nor up in the Huangshan Mountains, so it was never activated until he was guided to a city and coerced into being subconsciously turned into this creature in our series.
I hope we get to make more, there were questions still unanswered, that can be expanded upon for new storylines. I’ve read that some people are complaining that we were bringing mythical creatures to life, but all of them are experiments that Jumba creates, based on what he learns in ancient Chinese scrolls.

JC: It’s a bummer some people can’t give new possibilities a chance… I, for one, am very excited to see the direction this series is going in, in the future!
I was just curious, in “Stitch & Ai,” what is the name of Stitch’s grey-colored “brother” who coerced him into his evil deeds in the finale?

TC: Scratch

JC: This may be an odd question about “Stitch & Ai,” but a lot of fans were wondering this: Does this series take place after “Leroy & Stitch,” or is this an alternate sequel to the original movie, effectively replacing the original sequels?

TC: I would say after, Not replacing.

JC: Happy Stitch Day! I was just wondering, is there any sort of Stitch news you could share with the fanbase on this special day?

TC: How about a sketch from the Leroy and Stitch storyboards?




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