Firewhirl’s Frenzy

Meet Luther Wallaby. Son of mad scientist/raging monster Frenetic, the legacy that has now befallen Luther is a somewhat conflicting one, which is probably why, in his fourteenth year, the young teenager is enrolled into SuperVillainy High.

Now in the midst of many super-powered students and teachers, Luther must learn to mingle with his new classmates of Evil 101, wade through the treacherous waters of high school, and deal with the vigorously vile villainy of Firewhirl.

From author Joshua Croyle comes an all-new original story about good, evil, love, hate, selfishness, malice, freeze rays, cyclones, big hairy guys, big hairy girls, whoopie cushions of darkness, black-white-and-grey areas, superheroes in disguise (shh!), and a death-ray-altered banana.

SuperVillainy High: Firewhirl’s Frenzy is the first in an all-new series, debuting 2018.